The fault comes when people believe the law is a tradeable commodity, that it can be bought and sold for personal or commercial gains. 

June 30, 2019

Not Investing in Denial

Investment conference on climate change has a silent contract between the audience and speaker: that neither party will suggest anyone in the room is to blame. They're prisoners to an existing mantra that sugar-coats climate change with "win-win" scenarios. Frankly, this is an abdication of responsibility and denial. 

Cyclone Fani affected 10 million people in India, but only 89 were killed. The 1999 Odisha cyclone killed over 10 thousand.

May 9, 2019

The Future of Tourism

No more buffets, three-minute showers and strict air conditioning controls. Find out more on Tourism and Sustainability. 

April 3, 2019

IR4.0 And Basic Needs

We Interrupt the tech-obsession to make the case for prioritising the fulfilment of basic needs - food, water, sanitation, housing

We Interrupt the status quo of approaches to sustainability in the US and Canada

We Interrupt the nature of contemporary cultural dominance through a short story by Chandran

February 17, 2019

China Works

We Interrupt the surface-level view of China to give you an insider's view during Chinese New Year

February 3, 2019

The Art of Communication

We Interrupt the forms of communication that have become globally dominant: the Tyranny of English

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